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Avatar TLK: A Guiding Wind
the man of a thousand faces
heyyoitsmj wrote in threadofthought
Fandom: Avatar: The Legend of Korra
Title: A Guiding Wind
Summary: Korra is delayed in airbending training.
Word Count: 247
Rating: K

Who's overly thrilled? Not me, nope.

Korra grits her teeth and replicates the form again: wrists bent, arms up, left leg forward, keep your elbows wide and…

Sifu Tenzin shakes his head. "Your sweep was terrible. What are you, beating a rug? Do it again, lighter this time."

After three hundred sets of hotsquats, Korra had thought she could manage anything airbending could throw at her. But airbending, with its ridiculous unbalanced stances, rapid shifting, and fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants philosophy, was practically laughing in her face.

After her blast barely ruffles his hair, Sifu Tenzin sighs.

"You could've had this mastered by lunch, if you hadn't been late for training this morning."

"Well I'm sorry," Korra snaps, digging her right foot into the ground. "It's not like I decided, 'Oh hey, why don't I enter the Spirit World this morning?' And your dad would talk for hours if I let him."

Sifu Tenzin pauses. "What does he say?"

Korra lowers her arms and shrugs. "Avatar stuff, I dunno. He says it's important that I honor the balance of the world. Not just peace, but balance between construction and nature, and balance between your mind and your heart. That kind of stuff."

"Hmm." Sifu Tenzin doesn't look at her, but somewhere over her right shoulder. 

"And he's always telling me to balance training with relaxation. He keeps saying I need to take a break and go ride hopping llamas more often, or something."

The tiniest hint of a smile appears on Sifu Tenzin's face.

"Again," he barks. 

Korra takes a deep breath, and lifts her arms.

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I love this. I love Aang wanting her to take field trips and Tenzin's subtle grief and how he obviously cared/cares deeply about his father.


Thank you!

♥ Oh Aang. You will be the best spirit guide ever.

He will give the advice that MATTERS! Like you don't have to sacrifice your love for your duty, never give in to pressure to do something you know is wrong, and riding the Unagi is not fun.

Oh man, spirit world sessions with Aang, him telling her to go ride hopping llamas is perfection. <3 And I love how you captured that interesting dynamic between Tenzin and Korra because yes he's her teacher, but she's also the only one who still has a real link to his dad and that gives him pause and ah! Feelings!

Oh Aang, as playful as ever. And relationships that last over a lifetime. <333

Oh God, you're right, that is eerily accurate! Also, lol, hair!Tenzin.

Aang, bless. <3 Never change!

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