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Homestuck: Couldn't Bring The Columns Down
live fast die young
heyyoitsmj wrote in threadofthought
Fandom: Homestuck
Couldn't Bring The Columns Down
Summary: And the history books forgot about us / And the Bible didn't mention us
Word Count:

She finds her way through the labyrinths by touch, knowing the corners and turns and crannies by the rock under her feet and hands. Blood dries quickly, and she is careful not to write over her previous entries by accident.

She writes with his voice in her ear, a memory of a whisper that guides her fingers in painting the Scripture on the cavern ceilings. Verses and parables and hearts-spades-clubs-diamonds weave together in whirlwinds of red.

She calls to him, but only the echoes answer.

The color has already begun to fade. 


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