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Homestuck: Use My Wings When Storms Come Around
live fast die young
heyyoitsmj wrote in threadofthought
Fandom: Homestuck
Title: Use My Wings When Storms Come Around
Summary: You're free but in your mind / Your freedom's in a bind
Word Count: 100
Rating: T

She can feel the cool air creeping through the cracks in the floor, smelling of damp wood and raw salt and the dried sweat on her shoulders. The Marquise refastens her boot buckles carefully, humming fragments of a bar song.

She stares at her hands, at the chipped ends of her nails and the pale skin between her fingers. Mindfang’s hands were rough and calloused, old sailor’s hands belonging to a young, reckless girl with skin aged by sweeps at sea.

“I like you,” the Marquise says, petting her head like a child’s.

She feels unbearably ancient, an empty shell.


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