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Homestuck: All The Rowboats
live fast die young
heyyoitsmj wrote in threadofthought

Fandom: Homestuck
Title: All The Rowboats
Word Count: 100
Rating: T for horrorterrible
Summary: They'll keep hanging, in their gold frames / For forever, forever and a day

Oh my god this is literally the worst pairing what have I done where is the nearest confessional


She circles him again and again, tangling herself with the ship so that he cannot separate his bonds from her hair.

“If only you’d behave,” she sighs, a hot burst of air against his cheek. “There are windows in my rooms. The nebulas are beautiful, but they make one feel so extraordinarily small. So very alone.”

A fingernail trails down his neck. “I would let you, if you’ll let me.”

The engineroom is bare and dark, and he could close his eyes and know every curl of every wire, every knot in her hair.

He tries to forget the stars.


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